Day 1

Through memory how does the embodiment or culture express itself in South Africa during the post-apartheid era?

Through out my journey I hope to discover and explore the meaning of memory through museums and sites. I want to be able to understand the importance of memory and how it affect the embodiment of not only the South African people but how it is seen to affect other cultures. To do so, I will mainly focus on the stories told at museums and the sites we go to, in order to gain a better understanding through hands on and visual learning. I have realized from the past you can read about the history of a country or a culture of people but going to experience it creates a new meaning. It helps me to create a new connection with the culture and to find new interests. This is why being able to visit sites and hear from people who have experienced the apartheid will help me create my own story to share with many others. During my experience I want to learn more about how the apartheid affects people to this day, along with fully understanding the actions which were taken in post-apartheid. While traveling to different sites, monuments, and museums I want to embrace the challenges people have face during and post apartheid in order to help me see the true culture; and not just what I have studied.

Today was the first time landing ever in South Africa. I had an idea of what to expect because of courses I have taken and documentaries I have seen, but it didn’t prepare me for how beautiful South Africa truly is. I have heard about how pretty the Safaris are but never about cities or towns. If we did discuss them it was mainly about the agriculture or the work people do and challenges people face in Africa as a whole. When I landed I not only was nervous and excited but I was taken away by the living styles, views, and atmosphere of Cape Town. It made me realize I have more to learn about the culture and history than I thought. Noticing the shacks people lived in brought by the government raised questions like, were those people forced to move out of there homes once brought by the government? or were they allowed to stay? Driving through Cape Town seeing the culture and geography in real life made me appreciate and realize how lucky I am to be able to have an experience like this and this is only the beginning!

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