Day 3

Jennifer Eaves, spoke to me in a new and inspirational way. Music is a way to show emotion, identity, and tells a story about a person or a culture. Music to me has and always will be another outlook on life. Music can be a way for me to escape from what I am feel, it shows someone’s personality based off what they listen to and it sets a mood. Listening to Jennifer Eaves music told the stories of apartheid and the emotion of South Africa. Her music was inspirational to me because it helped me reflect on my own experience so far while being in South Africa and put together what I have experienced through as the days have gone by. I always knew how much music can mean with in a culture or for a person, but last night it came to a new level, I believe it was because I was hearing live from the artist herself, where it created a personal connection for me. This is important in cultural history because it can tell the story of the struggles and how far the culture has come.

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