Day 4

Not going to Table Mount today and being able to experience an authentic shopping experience, was an exciting adventure. I was able to walk through stores and see items that I wouldn’t have been able to see in the United States. Walking through and being able to see a different culture through stores of artwork, jewelry, clothing and other objects was so interesting to see the materials that are being used, and the products they are able to make. One store we went to was a shop were each item was created by sustainable items and created in a green way. Something else that was interesting and unique about this store was whatever you got it was profiting a sustainability and new ways for them to create things that are beneficial to the environment. As we were looking at the stores we eventually made it to the designer store. This store sold items created by upcoming new designers only in South Africa. It had many of clothing options from casual, to fancy. I ended up buying a top and a romper. Buying these two items give me the opportunity to say I have an item that is only sold in Africa and is a part of their culture.

After the fun experience shopping, going to the parade created a new emotion of happiness, spirit and acceptance. Being at the parade it uplifted my worries about little things, the spirit was extraordinary. It shows the South African Culture coming together to celebrate New Years in a different and authentic way. I never thought I would see anything like this ever, but today I am lucky enough to say I have. It was amazing to see the different sections of South Africa come together and create a such a special day. Seeing all the different color outfits, instruments, dance moves and the energy they created was so moving because I was able to tell how much this day means to all of them.

Their excitement is seen through out the pictures I took of them. It was incredible how they stopped and would ask for a picture that they will never see. This made me think, if they will never see the photo ever, then what is the purpose. I thought a little deeper and its about them wanting to share how hard they work for this one day of the year. Also it give me the ability to tell people back home the story and significance about this day through the images and my personal experience. Not fully understanding what this day meant and was in the beginning, I have a better understand of how this day impacts many people. With out experiencing the parade, how New Years for South Africa is celebrated on the second day of the year because when they were slaves they were forced to work and couldn’t celebrate until the second day. I now have a better understanding of the meaning of this day and now I have the opportunity to share with many of others back home.

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