Day 5

Waking up and going to the vineyard was an exciting moment. I thought vineyards were the same all around the world, with the same story of how it was created. What made this Vineyard so special was the story told behind it. Hearing how the different owners come in saying they are going to make a change to please the Indigenous people (slaves), and in the end the owners either took away their power or took away running water. When the third owner came he said he was going to make a change, just like the other two. This was a challenge because there was a lack of trust and promise between the Indigenous people and the owners of the land from the past. I was shocked when I heard this story because I didn’t know there could be such an amazing history on a vineyard.

I am always taken away by stories this one because of how they are told by someone who understands the culture and who has experienced what the history was like. Like yesterday she wasn’t part of this history but the stories were passed down and told to her from generations. Since she was telling the story from her prospective we were able to hear more than just the history about the vineyard. She told us how when she was in the bank the line was long, it wasn’t moving, and people were getting annoyed. She stepped out of line to see what was happening and she saw a man hunched over and shaking. When she approached him she asked him how she can help, he responded with appreciation; trusting there was something wrong and willing to get out of the line for him. She was wondering what was wrong with him and said he should see a Doctor but he said no and that is was because he started working at 6 years on a vineyard, as a result of working at a young age his body was constructed and stiffened. The way she explained this story goes to show how you cant judge a book by its cover and you need to understand the history of a person or culture. This demonstrates the importance of sharing and telling stories because with out them we would be left with repeating history.

“The Concept of life is not what you have, but it’s what you can give” -Mercia Malan

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