Day 9

The question of how do we make a change? comes to mind when experience the culture around us. The walking tour stood out to me because the idea of corruption in South Africa is still existing today, post apartheid. being able to see and hear the experience of the culture shows a different side of things. It is just as important to view the culture with open eyes and an open mind just like when I stayed at the homestay.

Seeing challenges of how people said there are spaces in the area that are seen as “horrible” need to change and be recreated so it is be better for the community. he mentioned how corruption post -apartheid is cause and is to blame, one person which is the previous president. Black south Africans are at a disadvantage still because they are still struggling for access to parks, schools and homes. I learned that the challenges are still a challenged not just because of the apartheid but because of how the country is continuing to be run.

Later on in the day walking through the area seeing the different inspirations of graphite art showed a side of the city where people can express themselves through art. It represents the people as a culture. The colors, and the designs tell a story of the artist but also it can tell the story of political upbringing. It is important to recognize the surroundings of the culture in order to gain a new perspective. Using the culture differences and the way people express themselves is important to focus on. It is important because without understanding a culture and keeping an open mind the truths of a culture are recognized.

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